GPSA Midstream Suppliers

GPA Midstream’s Environmental Excellence Award is a project-based award honoring companies demonstrating initiatives, and/or leadership, in managing their environmental affairs in midstream sector activities. The types of projects considered for the award may include, but are not limited to, proactive involvement in environmental activities, pollution prevention/reduction projects, environmental innovations, environmental research, support of GPA Midstream on environmental activities, energy conservation and waste minimization.

Environmental Excellence Award Recipients


DCP Midstream

DCP Midstream was honored for a successful excess emission reduction effort at its Goldsmith Plant in the Permian Basin. A Goldsmith team investigated emissions events and found the largest were related to third party power reliability. The plant's controlled, automated shutdown technology not only greatly reduces flaring, but is transferable to other plants and gathering systems that depend on third party power for plant operations, serving as another example of sharing best practices to the benefit of all GPA Midstream members.


ONEOK Partners

ONEOK Partners was honored for replacing compressors and associated equipment at the company’s Antioch compressor station, a key gathering infrastructure facility located in Antioch, Okla. The project was initiated to increase reliability of the station, minimize safety events and decrease ONEOK’s environmental footprint.


Targa Resources
Oxy USA Inc.

Targa Resources was honored for its Managing Reciprocating Rod Packing Emissions project. The initiative was part of an overall operational goal to reduce plant emissions, maintenance downtime and improve fuel efficiency.

Oxy USA was awarded for its Slaughter Gas Plant Sulfur Recovery Unit Shutdown project. The goal was a total elimination of emissions from the SRU during normal operation and periods of maintenance, startup and shutdown.


MarkWest Liberty Bluestone
Saudi Arabian Oil Co.

MarkWest Liberty Bluestone was honored for its facility modification projects that incorporated environmental best management practices and construction design standards to their 2012 acquisitions of the Bluestone and Sarsen natural gas processing facilities and a compressor station in Butler County, Pa.

Through installation of vapor recovery units and air fuel ratio emission controls on engines, and the addition of acoustical sound barrier dens at the Bluestone facility, emissions and noise reductions were achieved.

Saudi Arabian Oil Co. earned the distinction for a Flare Gas Recovery System, the first of its kind among Saudi Aramco facilities, initiated at its Shedgum Gas Plant in the eastern region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The installation of three liquid seal drums for each of the existing flare gas, and two identical compression trains to recycle the flared gases to the plant sour gas header for further processing, resulted in a total flare reduction of 6 million standard cubic feet per day.


DCP Midstream

DCP Midstream was honored for a project to proactively and voluntarily reduce air emissions from several reciprocating internal combustion engines (RICE).  To achieve the emissions reduction, older units were replaced, catalyst were added and/or upgraded, and units were removed from service.  The primary objectives of these projects were to reduce emissions at facilities below Title V thresholds to reduce regulatory burden, improve operational reliability, and improve fuel efficiency.


DCP Midstream
Bahrain National Oil Co.

DCP Midstream was awarded for a project at the Northrup Booster in Ochiitree Country, Texas, to innovatively reduce VOC flash emissions. The project was part of a larger effort to consolidate the permitting of a recently purchased facility with an existing DCP facility.

Bahrain National Oil Co. received the honor for implementing a project for continuously improving the environment by reducing nitrogen oxide levels in the exhaust emissions of five gas turbines in a phased manner by upgrading the combustion chambers of the gas turbine by installing “Lean Head End” combustion liners.


DCP Midstream

DCP Midstream was honored for its Phytoremediation Project, which not only had minimal impact on operations but was also low maintenance and cost effective. The TreeWell solution was implemented by DCP’s contractor, TRC Solutions, using trees to mitigate hydrocarbon and metals impacts in groundwater from 12 to 35 ft below ground surface. DCP Midstream used this system at two compressor stations in South Texas.



Enogex was honored for its Wetumka Gas Processing Facility Emissions Reduction Project. The project voluntarily reduced Hazardous Air Pollutant emissions and criteria pollutant emissions. The reduction was achieved through the installation of add-on control technology and selective replacement of natural gas-fired compressor engines. The Project resulted in a facility-wide criteria pollutant emissions reduction of 40% and a formaldehyde emissions reduction of 55%.