GPSA Midstream Suppliers

GPA Midstream's chapter organizations have been instrumental in serving the midstream industry through a number of networking and educational events specific to their respective regions. Participating in chapter activities is an excellent way to learn what GPA Midstream can offer and get involved at a different GPA Midstream level.

Each chapter has its own membership, bylaws and dues structure. Many chapters offer both individual and corporate members (our global GPA Midstream and GPSA organizations only offer corporate memberships, but once a company joins, any employee of that company may take advantage of membership benefits). We encourage midstream industry professionals to join and get involved at both chapter and national levels for maximum leadership and networking benefits.

Benefits of Chapter Membership

U.S. Chapters

International Chapters

International Affiliate

Benefits of Chapter Membership

Midstream operating company benefits (GPA Midstream)

  • Participating at a local level allows midstream professionals to share with and learn from other local processors, providing the potential for more economical operations.
  • Chapter involvement offers a vehicle for sharing safety and environmental best practices to improve processes and practices.
  • Service and supply company contacts attend many of the same meetings and networking events, saving time by meeting multiple contacts in one venue rather than individually at different times and places.
  • Participation opens opportunities to meet new people from different companies and allows you to get to know your counterparts on a more personal basis.
  • Chapter membership increases networking opportunities with new and existing contacts to facilitate on-going negotiations or future deals.

Service and supply company benefits (GPSA)

  • Chapter membership provides unique access to operating company decision-makers on common ground and in a relaxed networking environment
  • Involvement allows suppliers to stay in touch with what is happening in their regions and within the industry