GPSA Midstream Suppliers

Membership Benefits
Membership Dues/How to Join

Membership Benefits

GPSA membership runs from July 1 to June 30 and is open to any company, individual or partnership that provides services or supplies for the midstream energy industry.  GPSA memberships are corporate, so once a company joins, any employee of that company may take advantage of the following membership benefits.

Inexpensive but Effective Exposure Opportunities

A GPSA member’s company name will be included among an alphabetical listing of members on the GPSA web site, in addition to what we refer to as our “Yellow Pages” listing. This special listing enables operating companies to search by services and supplies that your company offers. In addition, members are listed within a dedicated chapter of the GPSA Engineering Data Book.

Complimentary Access to GPSA Data Book and GPA Midstream Technical Publications

Your association membership gives all employees within your company unlimited access to the online, searchable GPSA Engineering Data Book and thousands of GPA Midstream technical publications and research reports.


The GPSA Safety Awards Program provides tangible, public evidence of appreciation by the industry, the association and industry colleagues to companies that uphold the importance of safety. Factors given priority consideration are: OSHA records within their respective SIC code, companies demonstrating active programs promoting safety and companies showing marked safety improvement, year over year, for the past three years.

Professional Development and Networking Opportunities

GPA Midstream hosts the premier yearly gathering of midstream industry professionals, the GPA Midstream Convention.  The event attracts more than 2,000 attendees representing more than 630 companies and more than 20 countries each year, providing GPSA members an unparalleled opportunity to meet with operating company counterparts and customers. GPSA also shares a network of chapter organizations with GPA Midstream that offers opportunities for individual memberships and provides an excellent avenue for networking in your particular region. Chapter organizations hold periodical meetings and offer educational and networking opportunities specific to their regions.

Exclusive Member Rates

GPSA membership provides highly discounted prices on publications that are not free to members, as well as GPA Midstream Convention registration rates, training and other association activities.

Additional Benefits At A Glance

GPSA member companies and their employees are entitled to numerous membership benefits, including:

  • An integral role in an organized effort to meet the supply and service needs of the midstream industry
  • Exclusive member rates on sponsorship and advertising opportunities tied to the GPA Midstream Convention
  • Participation in the GPA Midstream Research Program
  • Recruitment of qualified industry personnel through undergraduate engineering scholarships grants. GPSA matches scholarships awarded annually by GPA Midstream chapter organization
  • Important updates on technical, research, and legislative and regulatory issues impacting the industry

Membership Dues/How to Join

GPSA memberships are corporate, and each member falls within one of three dues structure classes: S1, S2 and S3. Member classification is determined by the number of employees working in the energy industry. The association's fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30. Membership for companies joining now will be paid through June 30, 2022.

GPSA Membership Classifications


S1: companies with more than 250 energy employees $3,250
S2: companies with 25 to 250 energy employees $1,700
S3: companies with less than 25 energy employees $650

How to Join

The contact person listed on your membership form will become the company’s designated GPSA official representative (OR). The OR will be our go-to contact for membership renewals, important association-related information and voting on bylaws changes, board members and/or other important association matters. Once a company joins, any employee of that company may take advantage of membership discounts and benefits.

We offer two easy ways to join:

1. Join online.

2. Download the 2021 - 2022 membership form to print and return by mail or email.

Contact Johnny Dreyer for membership questions and Becky Hawkins for payment-related issues.