GPSA Midstream Suppliers

Since its small beginning in 1928, GPSA has grown to today’s organization of nearly 500 companies engaged in meeting the supply and service needs of the midstream industry.

The gas processing industry had its origin in the pioneering efforts of compressor manufacturers who developed the compression process for extraction of natural gasoline from casinghead gas. A number of today's major liquids producers owe their start to lines of credit extended by early supply and service firms.

As the industry grew in size and complexity, the genius of the free enterprise system provided many of the technological advances necessary to meet the needs of the expanding industry. Today, any producing company, regardless of size, has at its disposal the engineering talent, research staffs and expert knowledge of supply firms that may be brought to bear on an endless variety of problems.

The atmosphere of cooperation in industry affairs, and the GPA Midstream associate status that goes with GPSA membership, makes the producer-supplier relationship a true partnership in industry progress.

The GPSA Engineering Data Book, recognized as a valuable resource around the world, is an excellent example of the cooperative producer-supplier relationship of the GPA Midstream-GPSA organizations.

Because research plays an important role in the midstream industry, GPSA assists the GPA Midstream Association Research Program and also contributes to the future of the industry by providing funds for undergraduate engineering scholarships, as well as professorships at colleges with natural gas programs. To date, GPSA has contributed more than $800,000 to the future of the industry. 

Today, GPSA companies provide a multitude of services and supplies to the midstream industry. Each year, hundreds of GPSA members join more than 2,000 representatives from midstream operating companies and their own service and supplier peers at the annual GPA Midstream Convention held in April in the United States, creating an open forum to share midstream research, standards and business exchanges.

GPSA is located in Tulsa, Okla., where it has operated since its beginning.